Who we are

We are a software service company based in New York. Our team is built of talented and dedicated engineers passionate about creating powerful and user friendly capabilities that empower the user. We have been serving the insurance and financial services industry for many years and we always partner with insurance professionals to ensure our solutions remains tailored to the profession. Our leaders are former senior executives from IBM with strong connections to Cornell University. Our clients are located in the USA and in Europe.

What we do

We build advanced, easy to use mobile apps and software programs for small and mid sized companies. Whether you have an idea for a software product or a custom solution, we are ready to work with you at any stage throughout the full-cycle of software program development. We will analyze and build your original ideas into an advanced software solution where user experience and performance will be the center of our attention. We work fast and we are passionate about delivering the best solution possible. 

Our Expertise

We use advanced technologies such as memSQL in-memory DB, ReactJS, Node.JS, NoSQL, IOS, Android and Java in a cloud environment to provide our clients with a competitive advantage in their market. We developed our own Geographic Information System (GIS) along with a broad set of proprietary algorithms to deliver a high level of performance while managing large volumes of data. We believe there cannot be a superior user experience without a great performance to directly impact user productivity and satisfaction.

“WEBCBG’s solutions continued to break new ground within the past year, benefiting its customers around the globe, and we’re excited to have them featured on our top companies list.”

– Editor in Chief



We leverage the latest, and most advanced technology to develop powerful software solutions and drive innovation in the industry. We work with clients from the early stage of concept through the entire software development cycle. Our industry experience is mainly in insurance and financial services and we best serve mid size businesses.


We design and build fast, effective native mobile apps and web-based solutions for businesses. We will work with you to help decide if a native IOS/Android app, or a web-app is best for your specific needs. Our web-applications run smoothly across desktops tablets and smartphones, and like our mobile apps, they are fast and easy to use.

We enhance our clients’ brand through modern and beautiful website design, giving them the online presence they deserve and utilize our branding and marketing background to help companies re-brand. Our creative team designs logos and creates taglines, brochures, and advertisements for our clients. More complex websites can be built from scratch, while we leverage other commonly used content management systems such as WordPress when appropriate. All websites are built with user experience and simplicity as a main focus


  • International Insurance Program Reporting Solution

    A platform for the producing broker to report all international insurance program data to the clients

  • Risk Management Data Visualization and Analysis Solution

    A solution that centralizes and presents both internal and external data in a compelling way that help users better understand and analyze their exposure

  • Comprehensive Insurance Glossary on Mobile

    The official IRMI (International Risk Mgmt Institute) insurance glossary on mobile device

  • Real Time Insurance News

    The latest insurance news worldwide

  • Insurance Brokers Network Branding and Website

    Public website and private website with collaboration and international programs management capabilities

  • Insurance Client Extranet

    The solution is an advanced private portal used by a large insurance broker and their clients. It delivers a smooth user-friendly experience to share comprehensive insurance policy information and related documents 24/7.


Our software programs are developed with security at its core and specific strategies are used to encrypt, protect, and back up our client data. Among other security services, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud, the worldwide leader in terms of cloud security. AWS is ISO 27001 certified and all of the data centers are staffed 24/7/365 by trained security guards, with access granted strictly on a “least privileged” basis.

We use the leaders in cloud computing and we leverage their advanced services to offer the most reliable infrastructure with the least hours of downtime worldwide at 99.99% uptime.

Using Cloud Computing Services and Web-Services allow significant operational cost savings at the local and global level. Also, the costs of cloud computing are much more flexible than traditional methods and clients only pay for server and infrastructure capacity as it is needed.

We have been investing heavily in leveraging the most advanced, computationally-intensive technology there is. To implement it, we use the Netflix infrastructure architecture approach that ensures a high level of operational performance for our software programs.

Leveraging the cloud increases agility and allows for faster growth with few constraints. Because our clients don’t have to purchase equipment and hire IT resources, they don’t have to spend significant money on hardware, facilities, utilities and other aspects of operations.

We are experts in IOS and Android platforms and we use advanced and proven technologies such as Java, Node.JS, NoSQL… to provide a definitive advantage over software industry standards. We developed our own Geographic Information System (GIS) along with a broad set of proprietary algorithms to deliver a high level of performance while managing very large volume of data.


“Working with WEBCBG is a unique opportunity! Their experience and expertise in high volume data analytics, mobile and marketing strategy make all the difference in the success of our projects. Last but not least, they always meet deadlines.”

EP Global risk manager


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