Advanced software
development specialized
for the insurance industry.

About Us

Our Team

Based in New York City, our team holds over 8 years of experience in delivering solutions to the risk management and insurance industry, and we are led by former senior executives from IBM and CGI. Our dedicated team of talented engineers partner closely with experienced insurance professionals to tailor our services to the unique demands of the profession. We focus on bridging the serious technology gap within the insurance space to ensure our clients can support the 21st century needs of their customers.

Our Work

SMEs and startups partner with our software development team when they want advanced, easy to use mobile applications and cloud software programs, crafted to their distinct needs and delivered with speed and efficiency. Whether in the ideation phase for a software product or validating a custom solution, our team works hand in hand with you at any stage throughout the full software development lifecycle. We prize seamless user experience with top performance, and we carefully analyze each solution to bring your original software idea to fruition.

Our Expertise

We believe software solutions should be designed for tomorrow, built today. Our expertise lies in implementing advanced technologies so our clients continue holding a competitive advantage in their market. We constantly incorporate new technologies to remain ahead of the curve, specifically in understanding the present needs and future demands in the insurance industry. This includes designing with big data analytics in mind, such as our own Geographic Information System (GIS) built on proprietary algorithms to consistently deliver a high level of performance.

We use advanced technologies in a cloud environment to provide our clients with a competitive advantage in their market.