I have an idea but not sure how to do it, can you help me?

Yes of course. You can call us or send us an email from our Contact us page so we can talk over the telephone about your idea. We are also ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to reinforce the confidentiality aspect of our conversation.

Do you make apps?

Yes we do. We develop mobile apps for Apple and Android environment. We focus on making our apps user friendly with a high level of performance. We listen carefully to our client’s projects and ideas, and help them define the best solution to make it a reality.

I need a new website, can you help?

We enjoy designing and developing websites. We mainly do it for small and mid-size businesses and for various purposes such as branding, e-commerce, promotion, intranet etc… All of our websites are fully responsive which means they are compatible with any mobile devices.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are small and midsize businesses in the insurance and financial services industries. We develop advanced solutions to help them gain a competitive advantage. In addition to our main activities, we also help artists and athletes develop their web presence.

What technology do you use?

We leverage extensively the open source environment because we believe it is where lies the most formidable innovation energy and effort. Our strategy is to adopt advanced and proven technology, our programming language are diverse but we focus on Java, Nodes JS and we have a great deal of experience in NoSQL approach. We use these technologies because we are focused on delivering high level performance which is a critical component of a superior user experience and client satisfaction.

Is my data safe in the cloud?

Yes we know it is, because everything is backed up in the cloud on redundant servers. That’s something you can’t do on your own computer. Also, employees can share encrypted files in the cloud without emailing them. The files in the cloud may only be downloaded with permission and user anthentication, while anyone can forward an email with an attachment. Finally, data physically stored on employee laptop or memory sticks can be easily released to people outside the company.